Customized Telehealth Solutions

About Us

Teleheatlhcare, Inc. was founded by a team of seasoned healthcare professionals with decades of industry experience.  This team has worked collaboratively and separately on numerous telehealth projects going back to 2003.

This hands on experience combined with the growing velocity in the adoption of telehealth led to the creation of what the principals believe is the ultimate ‘pick and shovel’ company. Teleheatlhcare, Inc. is the go to resource for those wishing to start or improve their own programs, or simply generate a new source of revenue from an existing patient base.

Our Vision

Provide the platform and foundation for telehealth solutions for medical groups, clinics, long term care centers and telemedicine companies.  Our proactive approach is the development of best business practices and promotion of products and services that will help us accomplish this.

Our Mission

We are committed as a leader in telehealthcare to help our clients improve patient care, improve quality of care and expand access to healthcare services.

Patient Care

We provide the tools to make it easy to securely communicate with your patients and your staff

Quality of Care

From online visits to monitoring biometric data, telehealth can put a program in place to help you improve quality of care of your patients.  

Access to Care

We can help patients reach additional care providers and connect physicians with patients looking to get access to specialty care.