Customized Telehealth Solutions

CarePanda™ - Secure Messaging App & Platform


CarePanda™ is a secure, HIPAA compliant messaging system that runs on Apple, Android or Windows. Just like text messaging, it allows you to securely communicate with your staff and patients.

CarePanda meets all of the HIPAA and HITECH requirements, has performed a risk analysis through a 3rd party security auditing firm and is hosted in the cloud through a HIPAA compliant network. 

CarePanda is free for all prescribers (MD, DO, NP, PA, etc.), and works on both the desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android). CarePanda is 100% advertisement free for all users too. 

CarePanda does not require heavy installation; have any hidden fees or long contract requirements. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that is cost-effective for any organization in healthcare. We challenge any of our competition to compare to our pricing. 

Useful Features:

  • Adding/remove users from messages – this cannot be done with regular text and is a useful tool to quickly improve workflow amongst healthcare providers
  • High resolution and cropping camera tools – to adjust images such as wounds, document patient falls, bar codes, etc.
  • Multi-preferences notifications – to alert via Android, IOS, browsers, SMS, and/or email
  • Cloud based – messages stay synchronized and user can access from anywhere
  • Attachments can be uploaded to EMR if needed – useful during referrals or moving patient info to different location
  • Securely send and manage PDF files and healthcare images using Apple or Android App!

Features to meet State Retention Laws, HIPAA/HITECH, State Pharmacy regulations, and Joint Commission guidelines:

  • Archive – messages are archived from user’s active list rather than deleted; inactive messages are scheduled for deletion according to regulations
  • Search for messages – to locate messages by date to meet regulations on producing communications
  • Remote log-out – ability to change password and remotely log-out all devices to maintain breach compliance
  • Verification and profile lock – to ensure users identity to meet Joint Commission criteria
  • Read receipt – to determine date and time when a message was read by users
  • Cloud image and file storage – attachments and images taken via the camera are stored encrypted in the cloud and not stored on any device

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