Customized Telehealth Solutions

Telehealthcare™ provides a solution to the problem of unnecessary re-admissions . Older and sicker patients are discharged from hospitals into nursing homes. Hospitals are the most expensive venue for providing healthcare. One of the healthcare industry’s major cost-savings strategies is to manage chronic conditions in a long term care setting. The practice of re-admitting patients to a hospital for a chronic condition is rather expensive.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) estimates that nearly 4 million hospital admissions (10% of the total) could have been avoided if the acute conditions or chronic diseases that necessitated the hospitalization had been better managed or subjected to an appropriate and timely medical intervention. At an average cost of $7,200 per re-admission, the complete elimination of inappropriate re-admissions would result in savings of $28 billion dollars annually.

Let us help you put a program in place to help reduce unnecessary re-admissions utlizing Telehealthcare’s OnCare Telehealth Platform.

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